OTU4 CFP LR4 ext. LC | 20 km, λ1296-1309nm, Singlemode

OTU4 CFP LR4 ext. LC
LR4 ext.
  • Universal CFP Transceiver
  • Use FLEXBOX to configure to almost any vendor
  • Supported Data Rates: 26 Gbit/s - 111.8 Gbit/s
  • Up to 20 km via Singlemode OS2 G.652 fiber (SMF)
  • LC connector
int. Mux 20 km 111.80 G
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  • Form factor
  • Connector
    LC Duplex
  • Interface
  • Wavelength TX
    int. Mux 1296-1309 nm
  • Wavelength RX
    int. Mux 1296-1309 nm
  • Distance
    20 km
  • Powerbudget (dB)
    9.3 dB
  • Transmit min.
    -1 dBm
  • Receive min.
    -10.3 dBm
  • Transmit max.
    2.9 dBm
  • Receive max. (Receiver overload)
    4 dBm
  • Extinction Ratio
    7 dB
  • Bandwidth from
    25.78 G
  • Bandwidth to
    111.80 Gbit/s
  • Laser
  • Receiver Type
  • Temperature range
    0℃ - 70℃
  • Digital Diagnostic Management (DDM)
    internally calibrated
  • Protocols
    100G Ethernet, OTU4
  • Type
    LR4 ext.


1 Insert into Flexbox

  • Just go to flexbox.reconfigure.me
  • Connect your FLEXBOX using the supplied USB cable
  • Insert a Universal Transceiver

2 Select and configure

  • Simply choose vendor and compatibility
  • Press play
  • Configuration only takes a few seconds

3 Use with device

  • Use the transceiver in your device. That's it!
  • Need it for another device? - Just re-configure it again and again


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  • MSA Standard compatible
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What Customers say

  • "The FLEXBOX was easy to set up and use, and the programmable transceivers worked seamlessly in several different brand devices. This will make our spares much easier to manage."
    Shaun James
    Engineering Inspector, Tata Steel Strip Products UK
  • "Der Knaller ist die Verbindung zwischen Smartphone und FLEXBOX mit dem beiliegenden Kabel. So liegt die FlexBox bei uns nicht nur im Schrank oder auf dem Schreibtisch, sondern kann 'mal eben' in jedem Rucksack mitgenommen und mobil eingesetzt werden. Gerade für Notfälle wunderbar!"
    Dennis Köster
    Leiter IT-Abteilung, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main
  • "The FLEXBOX is really a great tool. It allows me to quickly re-configure transceivers. Nice additional feature is the "Power Meter & Source" tool. It allows, without additional hardware, a quick check of optical transceivers, fiber cables, fiber connections etc."
    René Oskar Kühne
    Retired scientist, now acting in the field of IT support, R.O. Kuehne
  • "Before we knew FLEXOPTIX, we always stocked various types of transceivers from different brands. Now, several years later, we have completely switched to FLEXOPTIX's universal transceivers since we can simply brand these ourselves using the FLEXBOX. Along with their broad product range and very fast shipping, they are an awesome company to deal with!"
    Jeffrey Bosma
    XS News , Sr. System & Network Engineer