Make Universal Transceivers work with nearly every device

FLEXBOX series - the unrivaled original since 2008

  • Quick and easyConfiguration with our FLEXOPTIX App only takes a few seconds
  • VersatileSupport for nearly 200 vendors
  • All formfactorsIndustry's first end user device supporting all 100G pluggables
  • Save moneyGet a discount - if you configure transceivers yourself

What Customers say

Nick Derksen
“We use “FLEXBOX” and “FLEXOPTIX” for a few years now. Since then life is much easier. And even saved me sometimes in the middle of the night. Need a special vendor or type, plug it in, program, and done. Very… but very occasionally a compatibility is not present in the system. Just drop a e-mail to support with your needs to get an immediate response from “JIRA – the flexoptix robot” and your compatibility is added to your FLEXBOX within 24 hours. Just awesome!!”
Daniel Maier
“Die wirklich geniale und smarte Lösung von FLEXOPTIX, universell einsetzbare Transceiver mittels der FLEXBOX für eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Hersteller Appliances zu codieren ist einfach nur genial. FLEXOPTIX hebt sich mit dieser Lösung deutlich von der Konkurrenz ab und bieten uns sowohl intern als auch bei unseren Kunden den erheblichen Mehrwert, mit einer überschaubaren Anzahl an universellen Transceiver für nahezu alle dahingehenden Supportfälle gewappnet zu sein.”
Sylvain Brisebois
“The SFP are exactly like promise on the web page, and the configuration tool is so amazing. I worked years with SFP and optical fiber and this tool is so great. It include a power meter an OTDR and allow to diagnose and configure the SFP for many vendors. It will help us in our research and also to manage our LAN. Thank you FLEXOPTIX”