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FLEXBOX series - the unrivaled original since 2008

  • Quick and easyConfiguration only takes a few seconds
  • VersatileSupport for more than 150 vendors
  • All formfactorsIndustry's first end user device supporting all 100G pluggables
  • Save moneyGet a discount - if you configure transceivers yourself
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What's new?

Meet us

Jan 21 – 24, 2018

Honolulu, USA, Hawaii

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The 100G QSFP28 transceiver comparison

There are different variants for QSFP28 form factor available. Depending on your cabling and application you need to chose the right option. To make it easier we created an overview with all the different variants. (without Active-Optical-Cables and Direct-Attached-Cables)

Meet us

Nov 7 – 9, 2017

Cape Town, South Africa

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Customer feedback

Elmar Gruber

"Absolutely Flawless! Long time ago we were used to work like this. Thanx to Flexoptix we're back to that status of quality we're searching for! Ultrafast delivery and really plug & play from start to end. No we're able to react on needs much more quickly thanx to FLEXBOX with having modules on Stock and instantly program them due to customer's need."

Bronislav Robenek

"Ordering and using FLEXOPTIX transceivers was far quicker than even getting a quote from traditional vendors. Using the FLEXBOX is super easy and fast - 5 minutes to get transcievers ready including unboxing and enjoying packaged marshmallows."

Oliver Baur

"Die FLEXBOX ist endlich einmal ein Gerät, das einfach nur so funktioniert, wie es soll - und das auch noch richtig gut. Das verstehen wir unter Flexibilität und Investitionsschutz."