Make Universal Transceivers work with nearly every device

FLEXBOX series - the unrivaled original since 2008

  • Quick and easyConfiguration only takes a few seconds
  • VersatileSupport for more than 150 vendors
  • All formfactorsIndustry's first end user device supporting all 100G pluggables
  • Save moneyGet a discount - if you configure transceivers yourself

What's new?

Hohoho … we hope you well-behaved? St. Nikolaus has some treats for you

We send out sweets all the time and - lucky you - we seldomly need to use the birch. However - now that end of the year is getting closer, we get most charming questions regarding the FLEXBOX reconfiguration Flatrate. So ... please check your FLEXBOX application ... by now you should see a notification for unlimited reconfiguration for your FLEXOPTIX transceivers in 2017. All…


FLEXBOX: Distance Analyzer with µOTDR Transceiver

Inspect the optical link loss or locate faults in your fiber with the Distance Analyzer of your FLEXBOX in combination with our microOTDR SFP Transceiver S.OB1612.40.OD.


Customer feedback

Donal Cunningham

"Just wanted to express my giddy happiness at how fast your crack team of ninjas were able to get optics to my desk."

Christian Seitz

"With the FLEXBOX we’re able to use our Transceivers universally in all kind of equipment and reduce the stock keeping significantly. Just awesome!"

Stefan Ideler

"The FLEXBOX is the best thing since sliced bread!"

James Rice

"Great. FLEXBOX does what it says on the tin! - just connect, configure Transceiver and be happy."