MTP® the better MPO connector

What is a MPO connector?

The MPO connector (multipath push-on/pull-off) is a multiple-fiber connector used for both multimode and singlemode. The specifics are defined in IEC61754-7 and TIA/EIA 604-5. For 40G/100G SR4/LR4 applications only 8 fibers are commonly used. For 100G SR10 connections the 24 fiber connector will be used.

Why is MTP® the better connector?

The MTP® (multifiber termination push-On) connector is an MPO connector with several improvements in mechanical and optical performance. It is a registered trademark® of US Conec and is fully compliant with the MPO specifications and can be used interchangeably with existing MPO cabling or transceivers.

The main improvements are:

  • Metal Pin Clamp - ensure proper spring seating
  • Floating Ferrule - the ferrule can float inside to keep physical contact
  • Elliptical Shaped Guide Pins - improves guidance and reduces guide hole wear
Because of this we decided to only offer MTP® cables in our shop.
Using cables with MPO connector will work - our recommendation is MTP®!
Additional fiber optic patch cables with MTP® connector
Multimode cables with UPC polish (ultra physical contact) for 40G and 100G
Singlemode cables with APC polish (angled physical contact) for 40G and 100G

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