Tunable DWDM SFP+ with Auto-Tune


Intelligent operation automatically enables scan and tune to same λ on both ends. Simplifies deployment, removes the need for a tuning box and reduced field technician support. Reduces  needto carry inventory for multiple wavelength part codes.


  1. When T‐SFP+ modules are inserted into the corresponding electrical ports,
    (1) central office and
    (2) remote site, both modules automatically start the automatic tuning process
  2. The process ensures that the T‐SFP+ modules tune to the channel determined by the  DWDM filter (Mux/Demux) to which both modules are connected
  3. After completion of the automatic tuning process, both modules fix their wavelengths and move into normal operation
  4. The modules shall appear as regular tunable products to the host system once Auto‐Tune is completed.
  5. “Auto‐tune” can be use without special host software on either the BBU or RRU sides of the network

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