100G CFP SR10 150 m, 10x λ850 nm, MTP/MPO-24, Multimode

Universal CFP Transceiver
Use FLEXBOX to configure to almost any vendor
For 100GBASE-SR10 Ethernet links
Supported Data Rates: 103 Gbit/s (10x 10.3 Gbit/s) - 111.8 Gbit/s (10x 11.18 Gbit/s)
Up to 150 m via Multimode OM4
MTP/MPO-24 Connector
  • 10x 850 nm
  • 150 m
  • 111.8 G
  • 100G ETH
  • 10G ETH
  • OTU4
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Vietnam and
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Form Factor CFP
Connector / Polish MTP/MPO-24 PC
Interface Multimode
Compliance Code SR10
Distance 150 m
Temperature Range 0°C - 70°C
Lane Count 10x (Tx/Rx)
Bandwidth 103 Gbit/s - 111.8 Gbit/s
Bandwith Per Lane 10.3 Gbit/s - 11.18 Gbit/s
Digital Diagnostic Management (DDM) Yes, internally calibrated
Power Consumption 8 W
CDR none
Inbuilt FEC No
Powerbudget (dB) 1.9 dB
Transmit min/max per lane -7.6 dBm / 2.4 dBm
Receiver min/max per lane -9.5 dBm / 2.4 dBm (overload) @100G
Wavelength TX (Typical) 10x 850 nm
Wavelength TX (Range) 840 - 860 nm
Wavelength RX (Typical) 10x 850 nm
Receiver Type PIN
Modulation NRZ @100G
Extinction Ratio 3 dB
Supported Protocols 100G Ethernet, 10G Ethernet, OTU4

Transceiver Configuration with FLEXBOX

It's that easy to use
Insert Transceiver into FLEXBOX
1. Insert Into FLEXBOX
Select and Configure
2. Select And Configure
  • Choose vendor and compatibility
  • Press play
  • Configuration only takes a few seconds
Use with Device
3. Use With Device
  • Use the transceiver in your device. That's it!
  • Need it for another device? - Re-configure it again and again


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  • MSA Standard compatible
  • ADVA 1061700657-05 compatible
  • Brocade / Ruckus 100G-CFP-SR10 compatible
  • Ciena XCVR-C00Z85 compatible
  • Huawei CFP-100G-SR10 compatible
  • Infinera (ex. Transmode) TRX100263 compatible
  • Juniper CFP-100GBASE-SR10 compatible
  • Juniper SRX-CFP-100G-SR10 compatible
  • Keysight (ex. Ixia) CMM850 compatible
  • MRV CFP-100G-SR10 compatible
  • Nokia (ex. Alcatel-Lucent) 3HE06771AA compatible
  • Packetlight # compatible
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What customers say

Very easy to use and quick too. I particularly like the ability to use the same configuration on a number of transceivers just by ticking a box - a real time saver
Mike Dallaway Mira 2014 Limited
Spending a few minutes of my time, first and foremost expressing how much I’m impressed by your friendliness, is the least I can do. Friendliness was followed by super-fast order processing and delivery. In a few words, unboxing and using your Flexbox is an utterly awesome experience. As in brilliant. Also saving us loads of time ordering optics. In addition to all of this – you deliver particular good build quality, too. You’ve got me impressed, thank you!
Mark van den Berg CTO - Icera Networks
Ordering and using FLEXOPTIX transceivers was far quicker than even getting a quote from traditional vendors. Using the FLEXBOX is super easy and fast - 5 minutes to get transceivers ready including unboxing and enjoying packaged marshmallows.
Bronislav Robenek Network Architect, Cloud4com
Extensive list of supported vendors. Your product is like a Swiss Army Knife that all Engineers should have!! Great Job and keep it up!
Fahad Dalwai Network Engineer, Abdulaziz Abdulmohsin Al-Rashed Sons Co. W.L.L.