New Shop Feature - Alternative Products

With ALTERNATIVES - we added a new section on our product pages. There we provide links to alternatives that could be used instead of the product you are currently looking at.

We hope to save you time answering some of these questions

  • Are alternatives currently in stock?
  • What is the price difference to alternatives?
  • Is there a product with a higher temperature range or vice versa?
  • What products can I use for longer distances but with otherwise the same capabilities?

For some of the common SFP transceivers there is also the possibility to use a SFP+ with a special 1G compatibility instead.

Have a closer look at it

If you want to see this feature in action, just browse to our
Andrea also wrote a blog post to describe some of this alternatives in more detail.

Okay, but what's the difference to MATCHING PRODUCTS?

Last year we introduced "Matching Products" on our product detail pages.
The focus is to provide a quick and easy way to get to accessories or additional products that work in combination. E.g. Matching counterpart for a BiDi transceiver or the correct fiber optic patch cable, that can be used with the specific product.
This screenshot shows the MATCHING PRODUCTS of our .


HENRY HENRY June 13, 2020 at 03:30

I interested on the 10G SFP+ DWDM ZR+ 100km /25dB,
Does it comply with C21 to C60 Channels wavelength ?

Please communicate me by email : **********@***.****
Looking forward to your prompt reply.
Thank you


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