Brocade 6505 and the 4G secret with SFP+/SFPplus

Newer machines, such as the 6505, support 2, 4, 8 and 16G Fibre Channel.  However, there is only limited choice of  8G and 16G Brocade SFPs to choose from. Nevertheless, there are still applications  for which xWDM Fibre Channel Connections are required. In these instances, straightforward  standard  4G FC transceivers can be put to the same practical use, if desired. Should  a Brocade be deployed in conjunction with a 4G transceiver, a prompt. „SFP invalid, SFP speed mismatch ,respectively“  will  automatically appear.
When 4G Transceivers get configured in the right way, that they end up with the corresponding  SFP+ parameters, a warm welcome message is sent to the 4G SFPs by Brocade Host. Then there is nothing standing in the way of the 4G FC application so it works. The Pin configuration (SFP to SFP+) differs only marginally although it does not affect its proper functioning.  I suspect that this modification does not only work in Brocade 6505s.  In my opinion, this should also work in 6510s and 6520s. I look forward to receiving your feedback on the above.
For the configuration modification we have created a special template which can be found on  For our 4G 18dB CWDM ( S.1648.18.xD ) this is already available online.  Enjoy it.
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