Mobile, meet FLEXBOX - configure Transceivers with your iOS device

Introducing the new FLEXBOX MOBILITY PACK

For the past few months, we have been working on another addition for our well known FLEXBOX product and application suite. This time, we are enabling it for mobile situations; Mobile as in "no wires & no external power".

Upgrade your existing FLEXBOX with our MOBILITY PACK and enjoy hassle free mobile operation.
With our new iOS support, 8 hour battery power and Bluetooth Low Energy support your transceiver reconfigurations and analyses are now even more convenient.

Not an Apple mobile user, but looking to get rid of that last Micro-USB Device? Just use the included adhesive pad and attach the FLEXBOX MOBILITY PACK to connect via USB-C cable to your Windows / Linux Laptop or Mac. And yes - we’ll improve your Android user experience as well… just… a bit later.

How to prepare in six easy steps

  2. Apply the adhesive pad (optional)
  3. Plug the MOBILITY PACK into the FLEXBOX (micro-USB port)
  4. Download the FLEXOPTIX App for iOS from the App Store and open the app:
  5. Set the switch on the MOBILITY PACK to Bluetooth mode, so you can select your FLEXBOX inside the app
  6. Reconfigure your transceivers with your iOS device.

How to use:


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2 thoughts on “Mobile, meet FLEXBOX - configure Transceivers with your iOS device”

  • The Flexbox Mobility Pack is pretty awesome for iOS users.
    Two inputs after a quick test: Would be cool to be able to perform power measurements/turn on the laser via Bluetooth. Plus: The adhesive pad seems to be too thin or the USB-plug on the Mobility Pack sticks out just a tad too far. Like this, it doesn't fit together snuggly enough (yet?).

    Patrick Wolfensberger 12. July 2022 at 17:46 Reply
    • Hi Patrick,

      Thanks a lot for your positive feedback. We're very happy that you like the Flexbox Mobility Pack.

      We are currently working on the "Power Meter & Source" feature for the iOS mobile app. It will let you turn the laser on and off and take measurements.
      We're confident it'll be available soon.

      Your Flexoptix Team

      peter.kaufmann 14. July 2022 at 16:44 Reply

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