FLEXBOX Mobility PackBluetooth, Battery Pack, USB-C

FLEXBOX Mobility Pack | Bluetooth, Battery Pack, USB-C
Mobile meets FLEXBOX!

Upgrade your existing FLEXBOX with our MOBILITY PACK and enjoy hassle free mobile operations. With iOS support, 8h battery and Bluetooth support, transceiver reconfiguration and analysis get even more convenient.

Not an Apple mobile user, but looking to get rid of your last micro USB device? Just use the included adhesive pad and attach the FLEXBOX MOBILITY PACK to connect via USB-C cable to your Windows/Linux Laptop or Mac.

Needs an existing FLEXOPTIX FLEXBOX for operations.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • USB-C port for charging and classic cable connection
  • Rechargeable battery with a run-time of up to eight hours
  • Comes with Micro-USB to USB-C adapter
  • Can be permanently attached to your FLEXBOX using the included adhesive pad
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  • Supported Operating Systems
    For USB-C connection: Windows (10 or newer), Mac OS (10.9 or later), Linux.
    For Bluetooth: iOS
  • Power Supply
    5V DC over USB
  • Connector
  • Battery Capacity
  • Type
    Flexoptix Products

What Customers say

  • "The flashing is very quick and you can configure it to flash multiple devices in a row. Definitely well worth it."
    Adam Montgomery
    Necto Inc
  • "It's just a genius device. So easy to use and simple! I would recommend it to every network engineer. Plug-in the module, program and its ready for deployment!"
    David Schoefberger
  • "Very easy to use and quick too. I particularly like the ability to use the same configuration on a number of transceivers just by ticking a box - a real time saver"
    Mike Dallaway
    Mira 2014 Limited