FLEXBOX Mobility Pack Bluetooth, Battery Pack, USB-C

Mobile meets FLEXBOX!

Upgrade your existing FLEXBOX with our MOBILITY PACK and enjoy hassle free mobile operations. With mobile support (iOS / Android), 8h battery and Bluetooth support, transceiver reconfiguration and analysis get even more convenient.

Get a free FLEXBOX MOBILITY PACK by using code FALL2023 at checkout. Limited to the first 100 orders, one per account.

Not a mobile user, but looking to get rid of your last micro USB device? Just use the included adhesive pad and attach the FLEXBOX MOBILITY PACK to connect via USB-C cable to your Windows/Linux Laptop or Mac.

Needs an existing FLEXOPTIX FLEXBOX for operations.

Bluetooth Low Energy
USB-C port for charging and classic cable connection
Rechargeable battery with a run-time of up to eight hours
Comes with Micro-USB to USB-C adapter
Can be permanently attached to your FLEXBOX using the included adhesive pad

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Supported Operating Systems For USB-C connection: Windows (10 or newer), Mac OS (10.9 or later), Linux.
For BLE: iOS
Power Supply 5V DC over USB
Connector USB-C
Battery specification Single-cell, Li-ion, 5.09Wh capacity

What customers say

What a great product! FLEXBOX is an incredible help to our organisation that has a zoo of vendors and manufacturers in our data center. It is super easy to use and we can rapidly get a transceiver ready for any of our hardware. Q: How to improve the experience of setting up transceivers in a multivendor environment? A: FLEXBOX.

Pavel Sagulenko Head of IT Infrastructure / appliedAI Initiative GmbH
For years we struggled with hundreds of transceivers from different vendors but this is finally over! With FLEXBOX we can easily reconfigure our transceivers which in the end saves a lot of time and money.
Marcel Wösle Director Infrastructure Services, Avira Operations GmbH & Co.KG
When in possession of the Flexbox it becomes and indispensable tool in general, and also specifically in managing remote Mobile Base Stations fiber connectivity. Using the Flexbox either with PC or Smartphone is really plug and play with no annoying incompatibility issues at all. The Flexbox together with ease of order and superior delivery times makes it literally unnecessary for us having any significant SFP stock.
Terji Leitisstein Hansen RAN Manager, Vodafone FO
Before we knew FLEXOPTIX, we always stocked various types of transceivers from different brands. Now, several years later, we have completely switched to FLEXOPTIX's universal transceivers since we can simply brand these ourselves using the FLEXBOX. Along with their broad product range and very fast shipping, they are an awesome company to deal with!
Jeffrey Bosma XS News , Sr. System & Network Engineer