FLEXBOX Mobility Pack Bluetooth, Battery Pack, USB-C

Mobile meets FLEXBOX!

Upgrade your existing FLEXBOX with our MOBILITY PACK and enjoy hassle free mobile operations. With mobile support (iOS / Android), 8h battery and Bluetooth support, transceiver reconfiguration and analysis get even more convenient.

Get a free FLEXBOX MOBILITY PACK by using code SPRING2024 at checkout. Limited to the first 100 orders, one per account.

Not a mobile user, but looking to get rid of your last micro USB device? Just use the included adhesive pad and attach the FLEXBOX MOBILITY PACK to connect via USB-C cable to your Windows/Linux Laptop or Mac.

Needs an existing FLEXOPTIX FLEXBOX for operations.

Bluetooth Low Energy
USB-C port for charging and classic cable connection
Rechargeable battery with a run-time of up to eight hours
Comes with Micro-USB to USB-C adapter
Can be permanently attached to your FLEXBOX using the included adhesive pad

Part number
In stock
950 pcs

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Supported Operating Systems For USB-C connection: Windows (10 or newer), Mac OS (10.9 or later), Linux.
For BLE: iOS
Power Supply 5V DC over USB
Connector USB-C
Battery specification Single-cell, Li-ion, 5.09Wh capacity

What customers say

Very easy to use and quick too. I particularly like the ability to use the same configuration on a number of transceivers just by ticking a box - a real time saver
Mike Dallaway Mira 2014 Limited

The SFPs easily integrated with our existing network equipment, ensuring cross-vendor compatibility. The build quality is very good.
Connecting to the FLEXBOX with an Android phone took only a few seconds, and configuring the SFPs was a breeze. We really liked the ability to configure multiple SFPs at once. Shipping is incredibly fast. Support is friendly, technical and helpful.

Sebastian Giss System Engineer/cyon.ch
Using FLEXBOX and FLEXOPTIX transceivers mean for us Flexibility. We don’t use so much transceivers but we work with different brands each day. With a small amount in stock we can configure them with the right specifications for each use. Assuring it will perfectly fit the requirements of our equipments and costs are also reduced considerably. Setting up either the FLEXBOX and a transceiver on a computer or through the mobile app is just easy as 1,2,3. It tooks us less than 15 minutes between unboxing and using a transceiver. We really appreciate the mobile option so we can have the FLEXBOX in one hand, a transceiver in the other one and the phone with the app in the pocket for programming on the field. Thanks FLEXOPTIX for this really useful tool and for extending supported vendors in the future.
Christophe Mulkers CEO/CTO, Oufti Connections
After many years of using clumsy EEPROM programmers, soldering irons, hammers etc. to make SFP modules work properly, now FLEXBOX allows me to do the same thing in a fraction of time. I only hope my boss doesn't find out I have so much free time now!
Adil Demiri CTO, SGN d.o.o.