What are Universal Transceivers?

Universal Transceivers have been designed to reliably convert electrical signals to high speed optical data communication.
No matter, which data rate, form factor or host system – they just work.


Universal Transceivers and FLEXBOX

And where Universal Transceivers are the mandatory base for optical networks, the unique FLEXBOX series show its full complementary potential.
It’s a toolset, tailored for professional network builders.
Most MSA standardized form factors like SFP+, QSPF+, QSFP28 do not guarantee flawless operations across various host systems.  
The root cause is the electrical interface of the transceiver, as it typically cannot be adjusted to the varying hand-shake requirements of different switches or routers.
FLEXOPTIX' Universal Transceivers overcome this obstacle and can be used in various host systems.



„Flexbox ready“ for easy Transceiver configuration, test and analysis
„just work“ qualified for usage in multiple host systems
Packed and shipped by German process optimization fetishist
Last but not least: come with sweets & treats