10G SFP+ SR with dual CDR 300 m, λ850 nm, LC-Duplex, Multimode

Universal SFP+ Transceiver
Use FLEXBOX to configure to almost any vendor
For 10GBASE-SR Ethernet links
Integrated Clock-Data-Recovery (CDR)
Supported Data Rates: 9.95 Gbit/s - 11.1 Gbit/s
Up to 300 m via Multimode OM3
LC-Duplex Connector
  • 850 nm
  • 300 m
  • 11.1 G
  • 10G ETH
  • OTU2
  • STM-64
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4-6 weeks after ordering
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Form Factor SFP+
Connector / Polish LC-Duplex PC
Interface Multimode
Type SR
Distance 300 m
Temperature Range 0°C - 70°C
Bandwidth 9.95 Gbit/s - 11.1 Gbit/s
Digital Diagnostic Management (DDM) Yes, internally calibrated
Power Consumption 1.5 W
Inbuilt FEC No
Powerbudget (dB) 4.9 dB
Transmit min/max per lane -5 dBm / -1 dBm
Receiver min/max per lane -9.9 dBm / -1 dBm (overload)
Wavelength TX (Typical) 850 nm
Wavelength TX (Range) 840 - 860 nm
Wavelength RX (Typical) 850 nm
Wavelength RX (Range) 840 - 860 nm
Receiver Type PIN
Modulation NRZ
Transmit and Dispersion Penalty 3.9 dB
Extinction Ratio 3 dB
Supported Protocols 10G Ethernet, OTU2, STM-64

Transceiver Configuration with FLEXBOX

It's that easy to use
Insert Transceiver into FLEXBOX
1. Insert Into FLEXBOX
Select and Configure
2. Select And Configure
  • Choose vendor and compatibility
  • Press play
  • Configuration only takes a few seconds
Use with Device
3. Use With Device
  • Use the transceiver in your device. That's it!
  • Need it for another device? - Re-configure it again and again


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  • MSA Standard compatible
  • A10networks # 13707 compatible
  • ADVA 1061701865-01 compatible
  • Allied Telesis # 13709 compatible
  • Arista Networks SFP-10G-SR compatible
  • Avaya (ex. Nortel) # 13711 compatible
  • Brocade # 13712 compatible
  • Calix 100-01510 compatible
  • Check Point # 13713 compatible
  • Chelsio # 13714 compatible
  • Ciena (ex. Nortel) # 13715 compatible
  • Cisco Systems SFP-10G-SR compatible
  • D-LINK # 13718 compatible
  • Dell # 13717 compatible
  • Dell (ex. Force10) # 13723 compatible
  • Extreme # 13720 compatible
  • Extreme (ex. Enterasys) # 13719 compatible
  • F5 Networks # 13721 compatible
  • Fluke Networks # 13722 compatible
  • Fortinet # 13724 compatible
  • Fujitsu # 13725 compatible
  • HP H3C # 13726 compatible
  • Huawei # 13727 compatible
  • Infinera (ex. Transmode) # 13744 compatible
  • Intel E10GSFPSR compatible
  • Juniper SFP-10GE-SR compatible
  • Keymile # 13732 compatible
  • KTI Networks # 13733 compatible
  • LANCOM # 13734 compatible
  • Lenovo (ex. Blade Network) # 13728 compatible
  • LevelOne # 13735 compatible
  • MikroTik # 13736 compatible
  • Moxa # 13737 compatible
  • MRV # 13738 compatible
  • Netgear # 13739 compatible
  • Nokia (ex. Alcatel-Lucent) # 13708 compatible
  • Nokia Siemens Networks # 13740 compatible
  • Packetlight SL111 compatible
  • Packetlight SL113 compatible
  • Palo Alto Networks # 13741 compatible
  • Radware # 13742 compatible
  • Supermicro # 13743 compatible
  • Viavi (ex. JDSU) CSFPPLUS-10G-3-1 compatible
Your vendor / compatibility is missing?

What customers say

We use “FLEXBOX” and “FLEXOPTIX” for a few years now. Since then life is much easier. And even saved me sometimes in the middle of the night. Need a special vendor or type, plug it in, program, and done. Very… but very occasionally a compatibility is not present in the system. Just drop a e-mail to support with your needs to get an immediate response from “JIRA – the flexoptix robot” and your compatibility is added to your FLEXBOX within 24 hours. Just awesome!!
Nick Derksen Infrastructure Engineer, Previder B.V
Using FLEXBOX and FLEXOPTIX transceivers mean for us Flexibility. We don’t use so much transceivers but we work with different brands each day. With a small amount in stock we can configure them with the right specifications for each use. Assuring it will perfectly fit the requirements of our equipments and costs are also reduced considerably. Setting up either the FLEXBOX and a transceiver on a computer or through the mobile app is just easy as 1,2,3. It tooks us less than 15 minutes between unboxing and using a transceiver. We really appreciate the mobile option so we can have the FLEXBOX in one hand, a transceiver in the other one and the phone with the app in the pocket for programming on the field. Thanks FLEXOPTIX for this really useful tool and for extending supported vendors in the future.
Christophe Mulkers CEO/CTO, Oufti Connections
The FLEXBOX allows us to use 100MBit/s to multi-gigabit transceivers in our product for a wide range of customer needs. We can not solve them without this magic box!
Klaus Degner Managing Director, Allegro Packets GmbH
Our engineers spend a lot of time in data centers connecting switches and routers from different vendors. With the FLEXOPTIX service not only their task gets easier, also the back office doesn't have to have a broad range of optics from different vendors in stock anymore. The days that an engineer stand next to a router with an optic from the wrong vendor are over. With the FLEXOPTIX FLEXBOX the engineer simply reconfigures the optic, and that’s that. As an added benefit with the FLEXBOX there is no need to connect a new cross-connect to a device to see if it is connected on the other side. The measurement option that comes with the FLEXBOX are very handy!
Thomas Verschuren Technical Consultant, IP Visie Networking B.V.