10G SFP+ LRM 220 m, λ1310 nm, LC-Duplex, Multimode

Universal SFP+ Transceiver
Use FLEXBOX to configure to almost any vendor
For 10GBASE-LRM Ethernet links
Supported Data Rates: 600 Mbit/s - 11.3 Gbit/s
Up to 220 m via Multimode OM3
LC-Duplex Connector
  • 1310 nm
  • 220 m
  • 11.3 G
  • 10G ETH
  • 10G FC
  • 1G ETH
  • 8G FC
  • CPRI
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Form Factor SFP+
Connector / Polish LC-Duplex PC
Interface Multimode
Type LRM
Distance 220 m
Temperature Range 0°C - 70°C
Bandwidth 600 Mbit/s - 11.3 Gbit/s
Digital Diagnostic Management (DDM) Yes, internally calibrated
Power Consumption 1 W
CDR none
Inbuilt FEC No
Powerbudget (dB) 3.5 dB
Transmit min/max per lane -6.5 dBm / 0.5 dBm
Receiver min/max per lane -10 dBm / 1.5 dBm (overload)
Wavelength TX (Typical) 1310 nm
Wavelength TX (Range) 1260 - 1355 nm
Wavelength RX (Typical) 1310 nm
Wavelength RX (Range) 1260 - 1555 nm
Laser FP
Receiver Type PIN
Modulation NRZ
Extinction Ratio 3.5 dB
Supported Protocols 10G Ethernet, 10G FC, 8G Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, LTE 0.614G CPRI, LTE 0.768G OBSAI, LTE 1.22G CPRI, LTE 1.536G OBSAI, LTE 2.458G CPRI, LTE 3.072G OBSAI, LTE 4.915G CPRI, LTE 6.144G CPRI, LTE 6.144G OBSAI, LTE 7.373G CPRI, LTE 9.830G CPRI

Transceiver Configuration with FLEXBOX

It's that easy to use
Insert Transceiver into FLEXBOX
1. Insert Into FLEXBOX
Select and Configure
2. Select And Configure
  • Choose vendor and compatibility
  • Press play
  • Configuration only takes a few seconds
Use with Device
3. Use With Device
  • Use the transceiver in your device. That's it!
  • Need it for another device? - Re-configure it again and again


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  • MSA Standard compatible
  • A10networks # 12243 compatible
  • ADTRAN 1442401G1 compatible
  • ADVA # 12244 compatible
  • Aerohive Networks AH-ACC-SFP- 10G-LRM compatible
  • Alcatel-Lucent Ent. SFP-10G-LRM compatible
  • Allied Telesis AT-SP10LRM compatible
  • Arista Networks SFP-10G-SR compatible
  • Aruba Networks JW090A compatible
  • Avaya (ex. Nortel) AA1403017-E6 compatible
  • Brocade / Ruckus 10G-SFPP-LRM compatible
  • Brocade 10G-SFPP-LRM compatible
  • Brocade Brocade - XBR-000163 compatible
  • Check Point # 12248 compatible
  • Chelsio # 12249 compatible
  • Ciena (ex. Nortel) # 12250 compatible
  • Cisco (ex. Meraki) MA-SFP-10GB-LRM compatible
  • Cisco Systems SFP-10G-LRM compatible
  • Citrix Netscaler EW3F0000711 compatible
  • ComNet SFP-10G-LRM compatible
  • D-LINK DEM-435XT compatible
  • D-LINK DEM-435XT-DD compatible
  • Dell (ex. Force10) GP-10GSFP-1L compatible
  • Dell 407-10459 compatible
  • Dell 407-11196 compatible
  • Dell 407-BBED compatible
  • Dell 407-BBON compatible
  • Dell 430-4135 compatible
  • ECI # compatible
  • Edge Core ET5402-SR compatible
  • Extreme (ex. Enterasys) 10GB-LRM-SFPP compatible
  • Extreme 10302 compatible
  • Extreme 10303 compatible
  • F5 Networks # 12252 compatible
  • FibroLAN SFPP-13-10 compatible
  • Fluke Networks OPVXG-SFP-PLUS-LRM compatible
  • Fortinet # 12254 compatible
  • Fortinet FS-TRAN-SFP+LRM compatible
  • Fujitsu S26361-F3986-E4 compatible
  • HP H3C JD093B compatible
  • Huawei OSXD22N00 compatible
  • Infinera (ex. Transmode) # 12268 compatible
  • Intel E10GSFPSR compatible
  • Juniper EX-SFP-10GE-LRM compatible
  • Juniper SFP-10GE-LRM compatible
  • Juniper SFPP-10GE-LRM compatible
  • Keymile # 12257 compatible
  • Keysight (ex. Ixia) LRM1310-PLUS compatible
  • KTI Networks # 12258 compatible
  • LANCOM SFP-SX-LC10 compatible
  • Lenovo (ex. Blade Network) # 12256 compatible
  • LevelOne SFP-6121 compatible
  • MikroTik S+31DLC10D compatible
  • Motorola # compatible
  • Moxa # 12262 compatible
  • MRV SFP-10GD-LRM compatible
  • Netgear AXM763 compatible
  • Nokia (ex. Alcatel-Lucent) 3HE04823AA compatible
  • Nokia Siemens Networks # 12265 compatible
  • Nvidia (ex. Mellanox) MFM1T02A-SR compatible
  • Oracle # compatible
  • Packetlight SL113 compatible
  • Palo Alto Networks PAN-SFP-PLUS-LR compatible
  • Perle PSFP-10GD-M2LC02 compatible
  • ProfiTap SFP+ LRM compatible
  • Radware # 12267 compatible
  • Solarflare SFM10G-LRM compatible
  • Supermicro AOC-E10GSFPLRM compatible
  • TP-LINK # compatible
  • Transition Networks # compatible
  • Ubiquiti Networks UF-MM-10G compatible
  • ZTE 180000278955 compatible
  • Zyxel # compatible
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What customers say

Before we knew FLEXOPTIX, we always stocked various types of transceivers from different brands. Now, several years later, we have completely switched to FLEXOPTIX's universal transceivers since we can simply brand these ourselves using the FLEXBOX. Along with their broad product range and very fast shipping, they are an awesome company to deal with!
Jeffrey Bosma XS News , Sr. System & Network Engineer
Great. FLEXBOX does what it says on the tin! - just connect, configure Transceiver and be happy.
James Rice Jump Networks Ltd
Absolutely Flawless! Ultrafast delivery and real plug & play from start to finish. Now we're able to react on needs much quicker thanks to the FLEXBOX. Having Universal Transceiver on stock and instantly program them to customer's need is amazing.
Elmar Gruber H82 medientechnik GmbH
Everything is build for and runs in the cloud today, the Aviatrix Multicloud solution as well. Still, we have customers asking for a highperformance encryption from “their” premises to the cloud and this is where our CloudN appliances come into play. If customers ask us to support the installation of our appliances, we’ll do everything we can to help. And then it’s good to know that if you sneak into a datacenter, you can rely on FLEXOPTIX to even fulfil that connection(s) that are terminating on a device that was missing or has changed in the architecture you discussed before. Thanks for the brilliant service!
Gerald Buchholz / Principal Solution Architect Aviatrix