1G & 10G DWDM with same Transceiver Hardware

Why not using 10G DWDM Transceiver with 1G?

Advantages at a glance:

  • Short Lead-Times - use 10G DWDM (40km/80km) from Stock for your 1G connections
  • Future-Proof - start with 1G and use the same Transceiver for 10G later
  • Cost effective - 80km 1G & 10G DWDM with almost same pricing
  • Change Data-Rate easyly with your FLEXBOX

Our Test-Results:

ARTICLE P.1696.23.xx (DWDM SFP+, 80km)
DISTANCE 100km G.652.D fiber
RESULT Transmission free of bit errors with PRBS 2^7-1 @1,25Gbits/s

Following transceiver can be used as an alternative

1G 10G alternative product
N/A - 1G DWDM SFP, 40km P.1696.14.yy
S.1612.28.yyD P.1696.23.yy

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