FLEXBOX supporting Universal CFPs - now in stock

At Flexoptix, we've been busy engineering a cutting-edge FLEXBOX with C form-factor pluggable (CFP) compatibility. Our new FLEXBOX model offers Universal CFP, CFP2, and CFP4 optics support in addition to our previously established form factors (SFP, SFP+, SFP28, XFP, QSFP+, and QSFP28). 

Try the 'self-configure' option for CFPs 

Enjoy the usual discount when opting to self-configure using your FELXBOX. Select: ’I'll use my FLEXBOX, as shown in the image. As always, choose whichever vendor platform to use your optics in anytime, for as many times as you please.
As a curtesy to our partners, we provide configurations for the following Universal Transceivers: 
  • - 100G CFP, 10km, LC-Duplex, LR4
  • - 100G CFP, 20km, LC-Duplex, LR4
  • - 40G CFP, 10km, LC-Duplex, LR4
  • - 100G CFP, Multimode, MPO/MTP, SR10
  • - 100G CFP2, 10km, LC-Duplex, LR4
  • - 100G CFP4, 10km, LC-Duplex, LR

Optimized Reconfiguration for ALL our FLEXBOXES 

Since nothing irks more than waiting unnecessarily long for a reconfiguration to complete, we've optimized our reconfiguration process to be significantly faster - especially for our more exotic products. This enhancement applies to all currently supported models of the FLEXBOX series.
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