FLEXBOX: Power Meter & (Light) Source Feature

Without additional equipment/devices and expenses our FLEXBOX combines all the commonalities of a physical power meter and optical light source in an intuitive and reliable application, all you need is your FLEXBOX and a transceiver.

Power Meter applications
  • Transceiver-based testing, you decide which distance or wavelength you want to test
  • Check and validate power loss during fiber installation and maintenance
  • End-to-End error diagnostics
  • Insertion loss testing/measurement of attenuation on fiber optic links
  • Loss detection for devices without Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) during setup

Light Source applications
  • Transceiver-based measurement, you decide which distance or wavelength you want to test
  • Multi-wavelength testing with a transceiver as light source
  • Test and maintenance of CWDM / DWDM systems
  • Point-to-point attenuation measurement with light source
  • Link-loss characterization
  • Identify your fiber in a patch panel
  • Determine loss via correlation of counterpart TX and RX values

What can I see on the chart?
  • Display of voltage, temperature and bias-current values in combination with time based continuous chart for transmit and receive levels
  • Record readings for subsequent recall and download as JSON or CSV file
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