FLEXOPTIX App - New Feature: Favorite Configs

Bookmark your favorite compatibilities

You want it, you'll get it!

The Flexoptix App underwent a little tuning session and now includes Favorite Configs.
From now on you have the option to mark favorite compatibilities for each article - as many as you like!
You can also filter the compatibility list to show your favorites only and even search within the filtered list.

How does it work? TLDR;

Plug a transceiver into your Flexbox; the Flexoptix app will load the compatibility list as usual but now with a little extra.
Simply click the little star at the end of the table row of your designated favorite config - there it is: That particular compatibility is now saved as favorite for the plugged article. If your company has multiple Flexboxes, the bookmarks will be saved for everyone.
Accidentally added the wrong compatibility or even switched to a different system vendor? Not a problem! Just click the star again and the favorite flag for that compatibility is removed.

If you're tired of searching through dozens of compatibilities, it's possible to filter the compatibility list for your favorites and have the view reduced to them by clicking the filter icon at the table header. Returning to the full list works just the same way. This setting is non-volatile, so you won't have to re-filter after each Flexbox login.

Looking forward to your feedback, wishes and suggestions to improve or enhance; just drop us an e-mail at development@flexoptix.net.


Eric Davis Eric Davis September 12, 2019 at 21:44

This simple feature is simply wonderful. It enables anyone on our team to program transceivers without searching and potentially selecting the incorrect compatibility.


vishnuprasath vishnuprasath July 13, 2020 at 17:06

Hi, We have bought 100G QSFP28 AOC WITH CDR (TX / RX) SFP module and we dint purchase the FLEXBOX. Is it mandatory to purchase FLEXBOX to configure the SFP modules?



thomas.weible thomas.weible February 2, 2021 at 14:11

no, there is no need to but the FLEXBOX is very helpful for maintenance and troubleshooting of your network, e.g. have a look here: power meter and light source feature
You can purchase transceiver already preconfigured from us just use the "compatible to" drop down in your shop to make your selection.


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