Change of Compatibility Name "Default = MSA Standard"

Wondering if there is a difference between our MSA Standard and Default configurations?

Flexoptix transceivers are usually unconfigured when they are ordered without any configuration. The MSA (Multi Source Agreement) contains information about how a transceiver can be configured to be recognized in an end-device. Therefore you need to configure them to “MSA Standard (Default)” if your device is accepting any configuration as described in this MSA.
Previously, we had the name “Default” as the default configuration in the Flexbox App and “MSA Standard” in the web shop. For ease of reference and to make it more clear, we have decided to update both to have the same name which will be now “MSA Standard (Default) P.xxxx.xx”.

Example for web shop:

Example for Flexbox APP:

We trust this clarifies any previous uncertainties.
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