100M SFP FX Industrial 2 km, λ1310 nm, DDM, LC-Duplex, Multimode

Universal SFP Transceiver
Use FLEXBOX to configure to almost any vendor
For 100M - 800MBASE-FX Ethernet links
Supported Data Rates: 100 Mbit/s - 155 Mbit/s
Up to 2 km via Multimode OM2
LC-Duplex Connector
Operating Temperature from -40°C to 85°C, Digital Diagnocstic Monitoring (DDM)
  • 1310 nm
  • 2 km
  • 155 M
  • Industrial
  • 100M ETH
  • STM-1
Selection "S2":
Country of Origin
Vietnam and
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Form Factor SFP
Connector / Polish LC-Duplex PC
Interface Multimode
Compliance Code FX
Distance 2 km
Temperature Range -40°C - 85°C
Bandwidth 100 Mbit/s - 155 Mbit/s
Digital Diagnostic Management (DDM) Yes, internally calibrated
Power Consumption 1 W
CDR none
Inbuilt FEC No
Powerbudget (dB) 11 dB
Transmit min/max per lane -19 dBm / -14 dBm
Receiver min/max per lane -30 dBm / -5 dBm (overload) @100M - 800M
Wavelength TX (Typical) 1310 nm
Wavelength TX (Range) 1260 - 1360 nm
Wavelength RX (Typical) 1310 nm
Wavelength RX (Range) 1260 - 1620 nm
Laser FP
Receiver Type PIN
Modulation NRZ @100M - 800M
Extinction Ratio 8.2 dB
Supported Protocols Fast Ethernet, STM-1

Transceiver Configuration with FLEXBOX

It's that easy to use
Insert Transceiver into FLEXBOX
1. Insert Into FLEXBOX
Select and Configure
2. Select And Configure
  • Choose vendor and compatibility
  • Press play
  • Configuration only takes a few seconds
Use with Device
3. Use With Device
  • Use the transceiver in your device. That's it!
  • Need it for another device? - Re-configure it again and again


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  • MSA Standard compatible
  • A10networks # 13193 compatible
  • ADTRAN 1184543P3 compatible
  • ADVA # 13194 compatible
  • Advantech B+B SmartWorx BB-857-11911TG compatible
  • Advantech SFP-FXM/LCI-AE compatible
  • Allied Telesis # 13196 compatible
  • Aruba Networks(ex. HP Network) # 13191 compatible
  • Avara SFP-DFW-FE-T85R85-M2 compatible
  • Avaya (ex. Nortel) AA1419074-E6 compatible
  • barox AC-SFP-FXMME compatible
  • Brocade / Ruckus E1MG-100FX-OM compatible
  • Check Point # 13201 compatible
  • Ciena (ex. Nortel) NTTP02AD compatible
  • Cisco Systems GLC-FE-100FX compatible
  • Cisco Systems GLC-FE-100FX-RGD compatible
  • D-LINK DEM-211 compatible
  • Dell (ex. Force10) # 13212 compatible
  • Dell 407-BBOT compatible
  • Extreme (ex. Enterasys) # 13206 compatible
  • Extreme 10067 compatible
  • FibroLAN # 13209 compatible
  • Fluke Networks # 13211 compatible
  • Fortinet FG-TRAN-LX compatible
  • Fortinet FS-TRAN-FX compatible
  • Fujitsu # 13214 compatible
  • H3C (ex. 3COM) # 13192 compatible
  • Hirschmann M-FAST SFP-MM/LC EEC compatible
  • HP H3C # 13215 compatible
  • Huawei SFP-FE-SX-MM1310 compatible
  • Infinera (ex. Transmode) # 13234 compatible
  • Intel # 13218 compatible
  • Juniper (ex BTI Systems) # 13200 compatible
  • Keymile # 13220 compatible
  • Korenix SFP100MMD-w compatible
  • KTI Networks SFP-FI-M-A compatible
  • kvm-tec KT-7008 compatible
  • Lenovo (ex. Blade Network) # 13217 compatible
  • LevelOne SFP-2200 compatible
  • MikroTik # 13223 compatible
  • Moxa SFP-1FEMLC-T compatible
  • MRV # 13225 compatible
  • Netgear AFM735 compatible
  • Nokia (ex. Alcatel-Lucent) 3FE25778AA compatible
  • Nokia Siemens Networks # 13227 compatible
  • Palo Alto Networks # 13229 compatible
  • Perle PSFP-100D-M2LC2-XT compatible
  • Planet MFB-TFX compatible
  • Radware # 13230 compatible
  • Redlion (ex. Sixnet) FMFIBER-SFP-4K compatible
  • Ribbon (ex. ECI) # 13205 compatible
  • TP-LINK # 13232 compatible
  • Transition Networks TN-SFP-OC3MT compatible
  • Ubiquiti Networks SFP FX compatible
  • Waystream (ex. Packetfront) # 13228 compatible
  • Westermo 1100-0531 compatible
Your vendor / compatibility is missing?

What customers say

The FLEXBOX is the best thing since sliced bread!
Stefan Ideler CTO, i3D.net

I had the chance to flash my first transceiver with the flexbox and also navigate through the different tools on the Windows App. I must say that I’m impressed by the flexibility and available features provided by this app and the Flexbox. I flashed a 1G LX optic to be compatible with a HP switch in production (Aruba Networks(ex. HP Network) / J4858A) and the switch immediately recognized the plug freshly configured. I can know count on my flexbox for the future transceivers I’ll need to install/replace. Also, the optic measurement is a very good feature.

Denis Kempeneers Network Consultant-globalnetwork.tech

As a network engineer responsible for programming universal transceivers, I can confidently say that the FLEXBOX is a true game-changer in the field. Its unparalleled capabilities and user-friendly interface makes the process effortless and highly efficient.

One of the standout features of the FLEXBOX is its ability to support a wide range of transceiver types and brands. Whether you're dealing with SFP, SFP+, QSFP, the FLEXBOX has got you covered.

Martin Fiegel Network Engineer/ Soapeople.com
The FLEXBOX allows us to use 100MBit/s to multi-gigabit transceivers in our product for a wide range of customer needs. We can not solve them without this magic box!
Klaus Degner Managing Director, Allegro Packets GmbH