40G QSFP+ DAC Passive Copper Cable, 0.5 - 5 m

Universal Direct Attached Cable (DAC), 0.5 - 5 m
Use FLEXBOX to configure to almost any vendor
Supports Datarates from 2.5 to 41.2 Gbit/s
Modules are permanently attached to each end
Low power consumption < 2 W (less than 1 W per terminal)
Connect different host systems by configuring each side individually
  • Twinax
  • 0.5m - 5m
  • 41.2 G
  • 10G ETH
  • 40G ETH
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Type DAC
Form Factor QSFP+ to QSFP+
Interface Direct Attached Cable
Length 5 m
Temperature Range -5°C - 85°C
Bandwidth 10 Gbit/s - 41.2 Gbit/s
Digital Diagnostic Management (DDM) not implemented
Power Consumption 2 W (1 W + 1 W)
CDR none
Modulation NRZ
Supported Protocols 40G Ethernet, 10G Ethernet

Transceiver Configuration with FLEXBOX

It's that easy to use
Insert Transceiver into FLEXBOX
1. Insert Into FLEXBOX
Select and Configure
2. Select And Configure
  • Choose vendor and compatibility
  • Press play
  • Configuration only takes a few seconds
Use with Device
3. Use With Device
  • Use the transceiver in your device. That's it!
  • Need it for another device? - Re-configure it again and again


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  • MSA Standard compatible
  • A10networks # 13041 compatible
  • Alcatel-Lucent Ent. QSFP-40G-C3M compatible
  • Arista Networks CAB-Q-Q-5M compatible
  • Aruba Networks(ex. HP Network) JH236A compatible
  • Avaya (ex. Nortel) AA1404032-E6 compatible
  • Brocade 40G-QSFP-QSFP-C-0501 compatible
  • Chelsio QTAPCABLE5M compatible
  • Cisco (ex. Meraki) MA-CBL-40G-3M compatible
  • Cisco Systems QSFP-H40G-CU5M compatible
  • Cumulus Networks DAC-5M compatible
  • D-LINK DEM-CB500QXS compatible
  • Dell (ex. Force10) CBL-QSFP-40GE-PASS-5M compatible
  • Dell DAC-QSFP-40G-5M compatible
  • EMC 851-0255 compatible
  • Extreme (ex. Enterasys) # 13043 compatible
  • Extreme 10323 compatible
  • Fortinet SP-CABLE-FS-QSFP+5 compatible
  • Huawei QSFP-40G-CU5M compatible
  • Intel XLDACBL5 compatible
  • Juniper EX-QSFP-40GE-DAC-5M compatible
  • Juniper JNP-QSFP-DAC-5M compatible
  • LANCOM SFP-DAC40-3M compatible
  • Lenovo (ex. Blade Network) BN-QS-QS-CBL-5M compatible
  • Lenovo (ex. IBM) 00D5809 compatible
  • Lenovo (ex. IBM) 00D5810 compatible
  • MikroTik DAC-QSFP-40G-5M compatible
  • MRV # 13045 compatible
  • NetApp X6559-R6 compatible
  • NetApp X66100-5 compatible
  • Nvidia (ex. Mellanox) MC2210126-005 compatible
  • Nvidia (ex. Mellanox) MC2210128-005 compatible
  • Oracle X2121A-5M-N compatible
  • Packetlight QSFP+-LR-1102 compatible
  • Palo Alto Networks QSFP+ DAC 5m compatible
  • Planet CB-DAQSFP-2M compatible
  • QNAP DAC-5M compatible
  • Quanta # 13047 compatible
  • Radware # 13048 compatible
  • Solarflare SOLR-QSFPQSFP-5M compatible
  • Spirent ACC-6085A compatible
  • Supermicro CBL-NTWK-0422-01 compatible
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What customers say

Just wanted to express my giddy happiness at how fast your crack team of ninjas were able to get optics to my desk.
Donal Cunningham Senior Network Engineer - Airspeed Telecom
The FLEXBOX is really a great tool. It allows me to quickly re-configure transceivers. Nice additional feature is the "Power Meter & Source" tool. It allows, without additional hardware, a quick check of optical transceivers, fiber cables, fiber connections etc.
René Oskar Kühne Retired scientist, now acting in the field of IT support, R.O. Kuehne
The SFP are exactly like promise on the web page, and the configuration tool is so amazing. I worked years with SFP and optical fiber and this tool is so great. It include a power meter an OTDR and allow to diagnose and configure the SFP for many vendors. It will help us in our research and also to manage our LAN. Thank you FLEXOPTIX
Sylvain Brisebois Advance Research, Senior Firmware Engineer, KINOVA
Using FLEXBOX and FLEXOPTIX transceivers mean for us Flexibility. We don’t use so much transceivers but we work with different brands each day. With a small amount in stock we can configure them with the right specifications for each use. Assuring it will perfectly fit the requirements of our equipments and costs are also reduced considerably. Setting up either the FLEXBOX and a transceiver on a computer or through the mobile app is just easy as 1,2,3. It tooks us less than 15 minutes between unboxing and using a transceiver. We really appreciate the mobile option so we can have the FLEXBOX in one hand, a transceiver in the other one and the phone with the app in the pocket for programming on the field. Thanks FLEXOPTIX for this really useful tool and for extending supported vendors in the future.
Christophe Mulkers CEO/CTO, Oufti Connections