400G ZR operation modes

Description Reach Application Code* Tuning Transmit min Receiver min
Amplified, DWDM noise limited links. These is the default setting. 80 - 120 km (0x01) 400ZR, DWDM amplified full tuning over 49 channels (100 GHz) -10 dBm -12 dBm (OSNR > 26dB)
Unamplified, single wavelength, loss limited links. 11 dB power budget (approx. 40 km) (0x02) 400ZR, Single wavelength, Unamplified no tuning -9 dBm -20 dBm (Input power needed to achieve post FEC BER)
Unamplified, DWDM 2 dB power budget (approx. 8 km) (0x01) full tuning over 49 channels (100 GHz) -10 dBm -12 dBm
*To toggle between both Application Codes please use the Fleoptix App.

How to select the Application Codes

Just select the Application Code you need and configure the transceiver trough our FLEXOPTIX App accordingly. You can use every available configuration after successfully set the Application code:

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