400G QSFP-DD Multirate High-power Coherent Tunable DWDM ZR+ with dual CDR 480 km, C-Band, Tx 5dBm, LC-Duplex, Singlemode

Universal multirate high-power coherent tunable QSFP-DD Transceiver
Compliant to OpenZR+ MSA
Use FLEXBOX in combination with FLEXSOX to configure to almost any vendor
For 400GBASE-ZR+ Ethernet links
Integrated Clock-Data-Recovery (CDR)
DP-16QAM modulated signal
5 dBm high power with inbuild EDFA
* 480 km on amplified links

Tx & Rx wavelength required to be the same (one local oscillator)
Supported Data Rates: 425 Gbit/s
Up to 480 km via Singlemode OS2
LC-Duplex Connector
  • Coherent high-power DWDM
  • 480 km
  • 425 G
  • equalizer Tunable
  • 100G ETH
  • 200G ETH
  • 300G ETH
  • 400G ETH
  • 4x 100G ETH
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Line Rate Power Dissipation Tx Power Rx Input OSNR Chromatic Dispersion PMD Baud Rate FEC Modulation MSA format
400G 22 W -5 ~ 5 dBm -12 dBm 24 dB/0.1nm 12.000 ps/nm 20 ps 60.1385468 Gbd oFEC DP-16QAM OpenZR+ MSA
300G 22 W -5 ~ 5 dBm -15 dBm 21  dB/0.1nm 20.000 ps/nm 25 ps 60.1385468 Gbd oFEC DP-8QAM OpenZR+ MSA
200G 22 W -5 ~ 5 dBm -18 dBm 16 dB/0.1nm 30.000 ps/nm 25 ps 60.1385468 Gbd oFEC DP-QPSK OpenZR+ MSA
100G 18 W -5 ~ 5 dBm -18 dBm 12.5 dB/0.1nm 50.000 ps/nm 30 ps 30.069273 GBd oFEC DP-QPSK OpenZR+ MSA


Form Factor QSFP-DD
Connector / Polish LC-Duplex PC
Interface Singlemode high-power DWDM
Compliance Code ZR+
Distance 480 km
Temperature Range 0°C - 70°C
Bandwidth 425 Gbit/s
Digital Diagnostic Management (DDM) Yes, internally calibrated
Power Consumption 22 W
Inbuilt FEC No
Powerbudget (dB) 17 dB
Transmit min/max per lane -5 dBm / 5 dBm
Receiver min/max per lane -12 dBm / 0 dBm (overload) @400G
Wavelength TX (Typical) tunable Coherent high-power DWDM
TX Tunable Range 1528.77 - 1567.13 nm
Wavelength RX (Range) 1528.8 - 1567.1 nm
Laser EML
Receiver Type Coherent
Modulation DP-16QAM @400G
Transmit and Dispersion Penalty 0.5 dB
Chromatic Dispersion Tolerance 1,200 ps/nm @400G
Supported Protocols 300G Ethernet, 4x 100G Ethernet, 400G Ethernet, 200G Ethernet, 100G Ethernet

Configure Transceiver Using Your FLEXSOX

It's that easy to use
1. Slide-In
2. Insert A Transceiver
  • Insert a Universal Transceiver into the corresponding slot
3. Select And Configure
  • Choose vendor and compatibility
  • Press play
  • Configuration only takes a few seconds
4. Use With Device
  • Use the transceiver in your device. That's it!
  • Need it for another device? - Re-configure it again and again


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  • MSA Standard compatible
Your vendor / compatibility is missing?

What customers say

Your FLEXBOX rocks. On our Linux workstations we can easily change the vendor and thus save costs. In addition, we are also convinced by the product quality, the support and the handling of the order. Thank you!
Martin Verges Managing director, croit GmbH
Extensive list of supported vendors. Your product is like a Swiss Army Knife that all Engineers should have!! Great Job and keep it up!
Fahad Dalwai Network Engineer, Abdulaziz Abdulmohsin Al-Rashed Sons Co. W.L.L.
Working with the FLEXOPTIX Transceivers and FLEXBOX is not only uncomplicated but offers us the possibility of working with many vendor types to support the different campus networks. Thanks guys - awesome work.
Brian Masiga Network Engineer, Research and Education Network for Uganda
We use “FLEXBOX” and “FLEXOPTIX” for a few years now. Since then life is much easier. And even saved me sometimes in the middle of the night. Need a special vendor or type, plug it in, program, and done. Very… but very occasionally a compatibility is not present in the system. Just drop a e-mail to support with your needs to get an immediate response from “JIRA – the flexoptix robot” and your compatibility is added to your FLEXBOX within 24 hours. Just awesome!!
Nick Derksen Infrastructure Engineer, Previder B.V