Flexoptix and its employees are currently not affected by Covid-19/Corona. To ensure uninterrupted service we took significant preventive measures in our internal processes which might decrease our well-known efficiency. We took those measures, to enable us to ship optics and you to build networks even in a crisis situation. Please plan accordingly and understand the impact on lead times. If you did not yet issue preparative purchase orders, please be aware that others did. For safety reason, local pickup service in Darmstadt will be limited. Stay safe & don’t panic.

It's (A)Live!

The beta phase has ended and our shiny new FLEXOPTIX App is officially live!
What do you have to do upgrade from beta to live? Absolutely nothing! All updates are downloaded and installed automatically on application start up.
If you haven't participated in the beta phase, you can download the app at https://flexbox.reconfigure.me/download

What features made it to the final app? Of course our classics

  • Transceiver Reconfiguration
  • Reconfiguration History
  • Adapter Configuration Wizard
  • Tuning
  • Power Meter & Source
  • OTDR
  • Patches

But you can also lookup contact details right inside the application in case you need support or use our improved form.
Most importantly however, you don't have to mess around with outdated Firefox versions anymore to keep Java running, since the new app doesn't depend on it, nor do you have to dread the end of Chrome Packaged Apps.
Please note, that we're going to shut down our support for Firefox on 28.08.2018 to be able to focus on the FLEXOPTIX app. The Chrome Packaged App will still be available but not actively developed as of this date.

We put quite some effort into the new application to make it run as smoothly and stable as possible, and to make it intuitive and easy to use.
However there's always room for improvements and optimisation, so keep on sending feedback to development@flexoptix.net, be it criticism, suggestions, feature requests or commendations. We want to know what you think and how to make you even happier.

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