Our new shiny FLEXOPTIX App is here!

All about our beta release

In order to keep all the reconfigure.me features available for you, we’ve decided to make our own application and while we were at it, gave it a nice clean up and new paint job.
The result is the FLEXOPTIX App, which comes with support for all common Windows, MacOS X and Linux operating systems as well as almost all the features you know and love.
Only the offline functionalities for Power Meter & Source and OTDR have been sacrificed as we try to give you a lean and clean user experience.

Some of you may think it’s about time we did something new, others might ask



A just question, we must admit, so we’ve dedicated this blog entry to a hopefully satisfying explanation.

In short:
Ultimately, to keep you from doing this =>

The slightly longer explanation deals with the browsers we support.

Last year Mozilla cut off its support for Java plug-ins beginning with Firefox version 52.0. This left our customers with three options, of which two seemed acceptable:

  • switching to Firefox ESR which had an extended support for Java plug-ins,
  • switching to our Chrome Packaged App which didn’t use Java at all and was our planned backup for when Firefox dropped its Java support
  • or sticking with Firefox version 51 and blocking all updates

Now we all know, extended support doesn’t mean infinite support, so at some point Mozilla would drop the Java support in its ESR browser. Well, here it is; in May 2018 Mozilla will release Firefox ESR 60, which will not include Java plug-in support, leaving ESR version 52 with a 12-week-reprieve.

“But you have the Chrome App!” one might think. Yeah well, Google has announced the discontinuation of Chrome Packaged Apps sometime this year (yes, the announcement actually is that accurate) in favor of WebUSB, which hasn’t been finalized yet.

So, go ahead, download our new shiny FLEXOPTIX App at https://flexbox.reconfigure.me/download, play with it and let us know what you think!
Send your feedback to development@flexoptix.net, be it suggestions, requests, criticism or just a plain thumps up!

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