Overview Protocols & Data Rates

What do discover if you are takeing a look through the internet seeking for an overview about all data-rates in one table?

Yes indeed you'll find on table for Fibre Channel, one for Ethernet, one for Infiniband, etc.

Have fun with our compilation of all protocols and data-rates in one table.

Category Protocol Description Datarate Unit Remark
400G Ethernet 400G Ethernet 425 Gbit/s
200G Ethernet 200G Ethernet 212,5 Gbit/s
Infiniband 4x HDR 206,4 Gbit/s
100G Fibre Channel 128G FC 112,2 Gbit/s
G.709 OTN OTU4 111,809973 Gbit/s
Infiniband 4x EDR 103,2 Gbit/s
Ethernet 100G Ethernet 103,125 Gbit/s
40G Infiniband 4x FDR 56,25 Gbit/s
Ethernet 50G 53,125 Gbit/s
Infiniband HDR 51,6 Gbit/s
G.709 OTN OTU3e2 44,583355 Gbit/s
G.709 OTN OTU3 43,018413 Gbit/s
Ethernet 40G Ethernet 41,25 Gbit/s
Infiniband 4x QDR 40 Gbit/s
25G Fibre Channel 32G FC 28,05 Gbit/s
Infiniband EDR 25,8 Gbit/s
Ethernet 25G Eternet 25,78125 Gbit/s
14G Infiniband FDR 14,0625 Gbit/s
16G Fibre Channel 16G FC 14,025 Gbit/s
12G SMPTE ST-2082 12G-SDI 12 Gbit/s 2160p60
10G G.709 OTN OTU2e 11,095727 Gbit/s
G.709 OTN OTU2 10,709225 Gbit/s
Fibre Channel 10G FC 10,51875 Gbit/s
Ethernet 10GbE-LAN 10,3125 Gbit/s
Infiniband QDR 10 Gbit/s
SONET/SDH STM-64/OC192 9,95328 Gbit/s
Ethernet 10GbE-WAN 9,953 Gbit/s
8G Fibre Channel 8G FC 8,5 Gbit/s
7G LTE (CPRI/OBSAI) CPRI 7,373 Gbit/s
6G LTE (CPRI/OBSAI) OBSAI 6,144 Gbit/s
LTE (CPRI/OBSAI) CPRI 6,144 Gbit/s
SMPTE ST-2081 6G-SDI 6 Gbit/s 2160p30
5G Infiniband DDR 5 Gbit/s
Ethernet 5G 5,0 Gbit/s
LTE (CPRI/OBSAI) CPRI 4,9152 Gbit/s
4G Fibre Channel 4G FC 4,25 Gbit/s
3G LTE (CPRI/OBSAI) OBSAI 3,072 Gbit/s
LTE (CPRI/OBSAI) CPRI 3,072 Gbit/s
SMPTE 372M Dual Link HD-SDI 2,970 & 2,970/1,001 Gbit/s 1080p60
SMPTE 424M 3G-SDI 2,970 & 2,970/1,001 Gbit/s 1080p60
2G G.709 OTN OTU1 2,666057 Gbit/s
Ethernet 2,5G 2,5 Gbit/s
Infiniband SDR 2,5 Gbit/s
SONET/SDH STM-16/OC-48 2,48832 Gbit/s
LTE (CPRI/OBSAI) CPRI 2,4576 Gbit/s
Fibre Channel 2G FC 2,125 Gbit/s
1G LTE (CPRI/OBSAI) OBSAI 1,536 Gbit/s
SMPTE 292M HD-SDI 1,4985 & 1,485/1,001 Gbit/s 1080i
Ethernet GbE 1,25 Gbit/s
SONET/SDH OC-24 1,24416 Gbit/s
LTE (CPRI/OBSAI) CPRI 1,2288 Gbit/s
Fibre Channel 1G FC 1,0625 Gbit/s
100M-800M LTE (CPRI/OBSAI) OBSAI 768 Mbit/s
SONET/SDH STM-4/OC-12 622,08 Mbit/s
SMPTE 344M ED-SDI 540 Mbit/s 480p, 576p
SMPTE 259M SD-SDI 360 Mbit/s 480i, 576i
SMPTE 259M SD-SDI 270 Mbit/s 480i, 576i
SMPTE 259M SD-SDI 177 Mbit/s 480i, 576i
SONET/SDH STM-1/OC-3 155,52 Mbit/s
SMPTE 259M SD-SDI 143 Mbit/s 480i, 576i
Ethernet Fast Ethernet 125 Mbit/s
SONET/SDH OC-1 51,84 Mbit/s


If there is something missing, just let us know and we will add.

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